Wednesday, October 5, 2016

{ AW 16/17 }

I have a very dear friend who in the past, when she's been visiting whilst the table is full of finished items from a new collection which are ready for sale, has said..."Well you can't sell this shouldn't sell this one...etc." So I reply to her, "Well, shall we just collect them?!"...and she says, "Yes!" Which of course would never work. I haven't made all these dolls and bunnies with the intention of decorating my or her house for goodness sake with a collection of them...but...if I ever were to actually keep a collection...this may just be it. So...if you find it resistible, and I'm stuck with a good deal of this gorgeous aquamarine-ish, sage, soft mint, most enticing color for collecting on God's green earth...than so be it...I will collect it. With a new baby girl on the way, I'm half tempted to keep the blanket as it is! But...I shant...I will make her another one & offer this to you...

Thursday, September 15, 2016

{ A Custom Bosom Doll }

A sweet custom doll using one of my all time favorite Heather Ross prints from her Far Far Away collection + ochre dupioni idea of heaven! She shipped off to a beautiful little girl on Jersey in the Channel Islands...another one of my ideas of heaven...I'd sure love to go there one day...sigh...

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

{ Wedding Dress Bosom Dolls }

This was a { c u s t o m . o r d e r } for two Bosom Dolls made from a Mama's couture silk & lace wedding dress for her two daughters...such a precious request!